About the book

Chiropractic has become the largest drug-free healing profession in North America, caring for over 30 million people a year, yet chiropractic is still something of a mystery to most people.

The book "The Chiropractic Way" is a leading text on chiropractic and offers every person a chance to understand the anatomy, science and philosophy of chiropractic. No other introductory book about chiropractic has been offered with such depth and analysis.  Published by Bantam Books, "The Chiropractic Way" is an enjoyable read and offers insight into why chiropractic has become so pervasive in our society.

Author Michael Lenarz weaves real life stories from his rural practice in the Pacific Northwest, along with information that will help you decide if chiropractic is for you, and how to choose a chiropractor that best suites your needs.